Saint Viator High Schools Radio Show 2015 (1)


The host of the show Bill McNamee’s inspiration for the Catholic School Spirit Show comes from his experience while attending Saint Viators.  Listen to how special this school is and how attending a school like this can help students in their future endeavors.

Guests for the show are:  (pictured left to right)

  1. Ellie Meyer ’16
  2. Host Bill McNamee with President Fr. Corey Brost, C.S.V
  3. Bob Kenney ’85
  4. Principal, Mrs. Eileen Manno
  5. Megan Balas ’15
  6. Jason Wilhite ’15
  7. group: Ricky Muench ’15, Jason Wilhite ’15, Megan Balas ’15 and Kasia Sosin ’15.
  8. Anne-Marie Kaiser, parent
  9. Dave Hogaboom, parent and alumni (not pictured)
  10. Jim Mitchel ’77, parent and alumni (not pictured)

St. Viator’s website is here.

Please contact the Principal for a tour:

Eileen Manno
847-392-4050, ext. 229

This radio show is hosted and sponsored by:

Bill McNamee 



Bill McNamee is an alum of Saint Viators ’80

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