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Bill met this wonderful group of people and recorded the show in Darien, IL. They are dedicated to educating children and bringing them into the faith of the Church. This is a Faith-Infused school and listen to hear how this happens.

Please call the school at 630-325-9200 and set up a tour. The Principal, Dr. Marian M Stockhausen will be glad to speak with you.  Please mention you heard this radio show.

Here are the guests on the show:

Father Walter Dziordz Pastor Our Lady of Peace Parish
Mrs. Jennifer Baynes, Alumna, Teacher
Mrs. Carol Wiesinger, Teacher of 43 years
Dr. Marian M Stockhausen, Principal of Our Lady of Peace Catholic School
Mrs. Beth Sennett, School Board Secretary and Parent (not pictured)
Mrs. Irene Murray, Alumna, Parent
Mrs. Nicole Ward, Alumna, Parent
Mr. Tony Lessmeister, Home School Association President, parent
Mr. John Letourneau, Alumnus, Parent, Realtor
John M. Selzer, Jr., CFP, Parent and Financial planner

gathered around the recording table for the show pic for webPrincipal with students raising hands for game show for webMarian S with Bill red pix for webBill McNamee, host with Dr. Marian Stockhausen, Principal at Our Lady of Peace school in Darien, ILid000295a Fr Walter=02Father Walter Dziordz joined us for the radio show.students doing radio show red pix for webschool uniforms and spirit for radio show for webradio show guest home school association pres edited for webBill interviewed Mr. Tony Lessmeister who is the Home School Association President representing the parents of Our Lady of Peace school.Principal with students for webOLP_29090a Mrs Irene Murray (1) red pix for webAn alumna and parent, Mrs. Irene Murray spoke on our show.hands raised for radio show for web tryedited and red pix for webMrs. Jennifer Baynes is a teacher and former student which is a testimony to her amazing experience at this school.teacher with Bill red pix for webBill interviews Mrs. Carol Wiessinger who has been a teacher for 43 years and loved by many students.  She has made a positive impact on Our Lady of Peace Catholic School. She wonderfully explains the description of the “successful” student and how that affects her philosophy of education.

Please consider Mr. John Letourneau, Alumnus, Parent, and Realtor.  If you have any questions about housing near this school, he can be reached at 630-745-1033. Click here for John Letourneau’s Facebook page .    Thank you!

John M. Selzer, Jr., CFP was a guest also to add information about financial planning. He can be reached at 847-635-8435  x22      Click here for John’s Facebook page   Thank you!


Click here for Linkedin articles written by Bill McNamee about his impressions of some of the schools while he hosted their radio show.  You can learn more about his professional background and mortgage business there.  You can also learn more about his business at

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