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St. Mary of Gostyn collage of Parents and students on CSS Radio show 2015 (2)

St Mary of Gostyn is our featured school this week. Hear what happens when two seasoned veteran principals team up to build the best Catholic school around. Their no nonsense approach benefits all the families that attend this school.

This award winning school regularly exceeds parents expectations. You have to hear what the parents have to say about this school. Bill McNamee, the host, states, “One student brought me to tears telling me how her teacher came to her home over the summer to help her with reading.” Your children deserve the advantages that a Catholic school education can bring them.

Click here for an article written by Bill McNamee about his impressions of this school while he hosted their radio show.

Parents and students who were guests on the show pictured top left to bottom right:

Tamy Bobbit, SMG School parent and local realtor with Bill McNamee, host, students with Frank Glowaty, Associate Principal, Peggy O’Flaherty, Parent with her daughters, Father Jim Schwab, Parish Pastor, Lorri Stapleton, parent with her daughters, Peter Babich, parent and financial planner, Mary Carlson, parent and her three daughters,

St. Mary of Gostyn collage of Admins on CSS radio show 2015

Administrators who were guests on the show pictured top left to bottom right:

Terri O’Dekirk , Parish and School Development Director, Michael Nolan, School Athletic Director, Mary Buchler, Parish Technology Director and School Computer Teacher, Mary Calistro , Middle School Religion Teacher, Father Jim Schwab, Parish Pastor with Bill McNamee, host of radio show, Frank Glowaty, Associate Principal, Richard Cronquist, Principal

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For more information about:

Peter Babich, parent at the school and financial planner click here.   He can be reached at 630-434-8857.

Tamy Bobbit, parent and local realtor. Click here to find her website.  She can be reached at 630-460-8353.

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Bill McNamee 


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