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NEWS FLASH!!!    The Willows Academy is one of the top five best Catholic high schools in Illinois according to   GO TWA #4!!

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• KCRD 98.3 FM Aquinas Communications Radio Network affiliate of EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network & Relevant Radio, Dubuque, Iowa station,  on Saturdays 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. Click here to find their live streaming site.
• WONC – FM 89.1 award winning North Central College radio station, 9 – 10 am Sundays.   Click here to find their live streaming site.

Click here for The Willow Academy website.  Call their school to speak with Kathy Ferry, Admissions Director at 847.824.6900

 A big thank you to Kathy Ferry, Director of Admissions for her help to renew and market this school’s podcast!

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Principal Jeanne Petros

Principal Jeanne Petro

Principal Jeanne Petro, Fr. Mark Mannion, Alumni Mary Conroy from Relevant Radio, parents and students are special guests on our show. This unique school is celebrating
their 40th year. They started out with parents who wanted an independent school, run by parents, yet inspired by Catholicism with 30 girls enrolled. Now it has grown to 230 students in grades 6th-12. The focus of the school is to be a college preparatory school and to form “Citizen Saints”. They truly create a culture of ideals and individualism, yet a warm and nurturing community in which to grow.

mmannion_avatar-100x100Fr. Mark explains that they have daily mass, but each student has the freedom to choose whether or not to attend mass each day since having this freedom develops the possibility of loving God and it is more of an endeavor of their own. Listen to hear more about what else sets them apart: their progress towards Holiness follows this path – form the parents, then the facility and last but not least, the girls. Simply amazing concepts unfold through the activities and rich culture of this school.





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