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Merry Christmas  to the community of the Diocese of Rockford and to all the visitors to our site!

We are excited to present this line up of guests:

  • A conversation with the Diocese of Rockford Superintendent
  • Boylan High School seniors who all scored a 36 on their ACT exam
  • Holy Angels school’s STEM grant award story
  • A heartwarming story from the family at SS Peter and Paul who joined the school after hearing our show.  The Principal and Assistant Principal there provide an update in the school’s progress. Click here for their own podcast we produced with them.
  • A father from Holy Cross in Batavia who transferred his children after hearing our Relevant Radio commercial and realizing what they were missing after talking it over with Bill McNamee, the host of the show.  Click here for their own podcast we produced with them.
  • And of course, what it’s all about –  the wonderful children who share from their heart about their Christmas wishes…  you will be surprised and want to hear this!

More details on each school as you scroll down below.

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Click here for Linkedin articles written by Bill McNamee about his impressions of some of the schools while he hosted their radio show.  You can learn more about his professional background and mortgage business there.  You can also learn more about his business at

Guests for the show include:

  1. Michael M. Kagan, Superintendent of Schools, Diocese of Rockford.  He can be reached at 815.399.4300.  Mention you heard the podcast.
  2. Boylan High School students: 

All three are alums of Rockford Catholic elementary schools St. Rita Catholic School and Holy Family Catholic School. Congratulations to these scholars and their families!

Thank you to Mary M. Gavan, Assistant Principal, School Relations for coordinating the student guests for this show.  The Catholic Education Office of Rockford just received data on the 2015 A.C.T. test and they are pleased to announce that their high school students who took the exam have again scored higher than their counterparts from across the State of Illinois. 976 students took the college entrance exam during the 2014-15 school year and their composite score (average) of 23.9 was more than three points higher than the state average of 20.7. For more information click here.

Call Boylan High School for more information and mention you heard the podcast:

Boylan Catholic Logo 4000 St. Francis Drive
Rockford, IL 61103


Holy Angels Catholic School


The presentation of the check for $188,614 for the  STEM grant.  Pictured are from left to right:  Tom Weisner, Mayor, Ryan Maley, Dunham Board Director, Tonya Forbes, Principal, Fr. Michael Lavan, Pastor, David Malloy, Bishop, Adrienne Gilla, Parent/Grant Writer, Becky Barr, Parent/Grant Writer, and Julie Smith, Parent/Grant Writer.

3. Our 3rd guest was Holy Angels Catholic School Tonya Forbes, Principal who spoke on the show.   Holy Angels Catholic School offers education for K – 8th grade.  Holy Angels School was awarded a Dunham Foundation Grant to help our students “change the world” which are brings a STEM curriculum to Holy Angels. They are using the funds to purchase the STEMscope curriculum, technology, and professional development to show students how the scientific method can be applied to everyday life within a blended learning environment. This would not have been possible without the hard work of Mrs. Adrienne Gilla, Mrs. Becky Barr, and Mrs. Julie Smith. STEM refers to the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The goal is to get students interested in wanting to pursue a math and science path in high school and beyond. This is a very exciting opportunity and a unique program in the Diocese.

Holy Angels Catholic School     Click here for their website.
Aurora, IL
Call Principal Tonya Forbes for more information and mention you heard the podcast.
4.   Our 4th guest was Adrienne Gilla, Chairman of the parent group and grant writer

SS. Peter and Paul Catholic School

01026 - Copy

Vincent Sossong, Assistant Principal

01028 - Copy

Carolyn Strong, Principal

Check out their school website for more information:
SS. Peter and Paul Catholic School – Cary, IL

Call them for a tour and mention the podcast:  847-639-3041

If you’d  like to hear their full podcast with more about their school click here.

5.  Our next guest was the family that joined the school after hearing the show.   The parents are Matthew and Pamela.  Ms. Carolyn Strong and Mr. Vincent Sossong also share some information about their experience with the way the radio show/podcast has benefited their school’s promotions. To this date they have had the most plays of their show of all the schools we have featured.   Our final guest is a a father from Holy Cross in Batavia who transferred his children to their school.  After hearing our Relevant Radio commercial and realizing what they were missing after talking it over with Bill McNamee, the host of the show they found a good fit for their children.   Click here for the podcast we produced with Holy Cross school in Batavia.

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