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The Podcast

The Radio Show – 1 hr

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Here are photos taken during the game show and interviews:

Fr. Dan FolwacznyHere are the guests on the show by order of appearance:

1. Associate Pastor –  Fr. Dan Folwaczny, speaks about the buddy program and so much more

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2.  Alum, parent and current teacher: Mrs. Katherine Dalrymple

student 6 - Annie3.  A students 3rd year anniversary story about how she transferred to this school

4.   Jackson Hittle – graduate of 2010-11

5.   Dan Delany, parent

6.   Gina Manski, parent (pictured above)

7.    Rhonda Schaller, parent – explains how they have the best teacher here:  Jesus.  She tenderly describes how this has impacted her children.

8.  Rob Sheedy, parent and alum from 1982, 1981 Vators Championship team member, speaks about the sports and activities, “the gym is the ‘hub'”of many positive experiences

9.    Kati Spaniak, parent and Realtor

A big thank you to Melissa McManamy, Marketing Director at the school who coordinated the show.  We appreciate all the game show contestants and Assistant Principal Caitlin Lee who was the moderator for the game show.

22605_863840270343749_4982408010577435933_nThank you to all the parents who shared their heartfelt stories and for sharing tips on affording the school to other families.  And ‘last but not least’ – we appreciate all the wonderful students who participated in the show!   You are the hope of our bright future!

Fr. Bob Heinz at St. Norberts

Fr. Bob Heinz, Pastor of St. Norbert’s school and parish

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Click here for Linkedin articles written by Bill McNamee about his impressions of some of the schools while he hosted their radio show.  You can learn more about his professional background and mortgage business there.  You can also learn more about his business at

KatiHeadShotHighResKati Spaniak, Realtor

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