Students for Radio show St. Philip

Ms. Nicole De Nicolo, 6th grade Science teacher who was the moderator for the game show with the students who spoke on the radio show

Please CLICK the  GREEN ARROW  to hear the podcast (not the title of the school).

Just have a minute?   Listen to the students to hear their comments about their school. Are they moaning and groaning, like many kids feel about their school?  You’ll be surprised at their comments!

Click here for the 30 sec. commercial we used for this school at the radio station.

Click here to find the full hour podcast  for this school or by searching on our podcast menu.   There you will hear from the Principal, teachers, alum and parents to get the scoop on this incredible school!  And enjoy the game show too!   Come listen to their stories!

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Click here for Linkedin articles written by Bill McNamee about his impressions of some of the schools while he hosted their radio show.  You can learn more about his professional background and mortgage business there.  You can also learn more about his business at