The warm and supportive staff at St. Raphael Catholic School in Naperville, IL who love their students!

You might be asking, “What are these students whispering about?! ”  They were having fun as game show participants on the Catholic School Spirit Radio show!   Come listen in to the best kept secrets in town!

Here’s a quick preview of their radio show promo!

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Here’s the 30 sec. commercial used at the radio station.

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Please call the school for a tour.  Mention you heard the podcast.

630-355-1880    Click here for the school website.

We are a proud and highly satisfied St. Raphael family. Our son is becoming the type of young man we pictured him becoming on the day of his birth. So much of that has to do with his entire school environment reinforcing what we teach him in our household. Our daughter will start in the kindergarten class next fall and we cannot wait. This school is a blessing and I would not trade it for anything. Thank you for featuring our school. – Amanda

image3St. Raphael School exists to provide an education rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ Where Catholic Doctrine and values, and academic excellence prepare each student for a life of faith, service, and integrity.



Guests for the show include:

  1. Fr. Dan Bachner, Pastor
  2. Mrs. Rehfield, Principal
  3. Mrs. Jennifer Timmons, Assistant Principal
  4. Matt Corso – parent
  5. Becky Melsa – parent and Home & School President
  6. Principal comments
  7. Michelle H.  – parent
  8. Dina Laughlin – parent
  9. Sarah Diana Menke – parent & realtor, see her information below.   She explains her story of how she toured many schools in the area and she selected this school and moved there a few blocks away.  This is an example how many others may want to consider this too.  Contact Bill to discuss your mortgage possibilities.

For more resources on affording this school, click here.  This radio show is sponsored and hosted by:

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Click here for Linkedin articles written by Bill McNamee about his impressions of a few schools while he hosted their radio show.   You can learn more about his professional background and mortgage business and view the testimonials.   Visit www.CatholicHome.net  Bill can save you money so Catholic school will be more attainable.  

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The Radio Broadcasts

Find out more about the radio stations who broadcast our show by clicking  here.  This school’s show is scheduled for more broadcasts on July 9th/10th and July 23/24th, 2016.

The parents in the “game show” portion were Natalie Hill, Joe Stubitz, Laura Shannon, Dina Laughlin, & Mike Burk.   Mr Anderson is one of our math teachers who came in during the game show as well.

DSC_0712A big thank you to Natalie Hill for coordinating the show and for Laura Shannon for providing the photos!
And we appreciate all the wonderful students who spoke so beautifully on the show.

 The photo above is the math teacher, Mr. Anderson and Mrs. Rehfield, Principal.  The photo on the right is Fr. Dan Bachner, Pastor.

Thank you for providing the opportunity to feature our school, St. Raphael. We hope this podcast encourages and inspires others to contact the school to learn more and take a tour to see if it is the right fit or better fit for their child(ren) and family. Many families in the Chicago Suburbs forget that we do have school choice. And while yes, many of the public schools are rated highly for academics, how do you rate cultural and moral values provided at a school. With all that is happening in our world today, we feel blessed to be sending our children to St. Raphael. What school will you choose? – Natalie

If you’d like more information about housing in the area, please contact either of these two realtors who have children at this school:

Professional PhotoNatalie Hill
Realtor, Certified Staging Consultant
Baird & Warner – Naperville

Click here for her website.


Sarah Diana Menke, Realtor

Remax, Naperville


Click here for her website.

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