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Mary Seat of Wisdom school in Park Ridge, ILKnowing that all students learn best when they feel secure, MSW teachers, administrators and parents work closely together to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment with a strong Catholic identity.  Listen to the podcast to hear the real stories of how this mission is lived out in the day to day lives of the school.

MSW Field Trip-65 cross at church r pix

Mary, Seat of Wisdom School’s mission is, “to empower our students with the knowledge, values, and skills which will enable them to become active participants and effective leaders in both the church and world community,” serves as the touchstone for everything we do. At its core, the development of the whole child includes the fostering of faith, and goes beyond a basic religion curriculum.  Instruction includes a rich sacramental program with discussion of theological doctrine and experiences designed to encourage students to follow Christ as a way of life.students and families involved at the school.

MSW Field Trip-47 red pixHere is a 30 sec. message we produced for the radio stations to use the week before the broadcast:



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Got a minute?  Here is a One Minute Message as a preview of their upcoming radio show and podcast launch!

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Fr. Tim with students

Fr. Tim Monahan with students at MSW.

Here is the podcast!

Listen to the heartwarming interviews with many guests.  The list of guests can be found below.   Comment and share by scrolling down to the bottom of this post.





The Podcast

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MSW Open house

MSW Open House: Welcome!


Open House ballonsCall them to set up a tour:
(847) 825-2500  Click here for their website.

On their website you will find information about the special programs both academic and extracurricular, that set our preschool, full-day kindergarten, elementary and junior high school programs apart from other educational options in Park Ridge and around Chicago’s Northwest side.  Click here to find out more about their financial assistance programs.

Tell them you heard the show!

MSW Blue Ribbon

Guests on the show:

  1. Fr. Jerry Gunderson – Pastor
  2. Julie Due – Principal
  3. Fr. Tim Monahan – Associate Pastor
  4. Game show – students with
    Beth Cushing – Librarian
    Brittany Skiles – Kindergarten Teacher
    Amy Noble – 4th  Grade Teacher
  5. Judie Zoromski – Science Teacher
  6. Sandy Solari – Early Childhood Director
  7. Heather Knieling – Math Teacher/ Parent of PreK,1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 8th Graders
  8. Tina Spagnolo – Parent of 7th Grader
  9. Student – Gabby
  10. Teri Habetler – Parent of 1st, 4th and 6th Graders



The Radio Broadcast:

You can listen to the broadcast of their show on the air anywhere you have internet-  from your computer, smart phone, or tablets. This school’s radio show 1st broadcast will be  May 14th, 2016.  The next rebroadcast will be June 25th , 2016:  Follow us on Facebook to watch for future broadcasts.


The Radio Show

Here is the radio version of the show that fits in the hour long programming.  Click on the Green arrow.  (not the title).  We invite you to be sure to view all the photos and information on our website.


Saturdays 11:00 am – 12:00 noon

Capture of radio station KCRD

KCRD 98.3 FM
Aquinas Communications Radio Network
An affiliate of EWTN and Relevant Radio – a Global Catholic Radio Network
Click here for Live streaming kcrd-fm.org
Dubuque, IowaCapture of Relevant Radio and EWTN


To learn more about financial help to afford Catholic education click here.  This show is sponsored by:

screen shot Capture of Bill McNamee ad MSI

Hawks MSW holahoopDid you think Catholic School might be serious and boring?  You are in for a surprise and some laughs.  Check this out!   Click here for a link to this school’s  AWESOME videos on YouTube.





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