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Listen to the stories to hear how their mission is lived out in the families enrolled at St. Bridget.   Their mission:  “St. Bridget will provide an excellent Catholic education in an environment where the message of Jesus Christ is taught, lived and shared.”

St. Bridgets

Now registering! Call the school office for information on enrolling in PreK, 3 – 8th grade
or for a tour of the school. 815-633-8255.  Click here to learn more about their tuition assistance.  Click here the school’s website.

The Promo

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The One Minute Message- a preview to the radio show and podcast.

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1The Podcast

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I invite you to enjoy the photos below while listening to the podcast.

 The list of guests on the show

(not in order of appearance).

  1. Fr. DiTomo, associate pastor, One of the things he explains is the use of “households” – a concept from the Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio which builds community.
  2. Mary Toldo, Principal
  3. Mrs. Dickman, teacher
  4. Lauren, student; additional students who have recently transferred from public schools, group interview: Eli, Aidan, Tessa, James and Marcello
  5. Game show:Mr. Dunphy, 6th-8th Language Arts teacher, moderator
    Sara Mendez and Stacey Nelson, parents
    Mark  and Sydney, students
  6. Georgina Fulling and Dawn Thomas, parents
  7. Angie and Earl Hernandez, parents
  8. Tony Scandroli, parent
  9. Tom Custer, alumni class of 1979, parent of former students, and First Vice President, Financial Advisor at the Custer Meisch Group at Morgan Stanley. Tom offers his family’s story and practical tips on taxes and how to afford Catholic School

Tom CusterClick here for Tom’s website; Call and ask for Tom, please say you heard the show.

Tom Custer  (815) 639-4139
Toll-Free: (800) 888-9735

Rockford Diocese gathering of schoolsIf you’d like to listen to the podcast for the Rockford Diocese which includes an interview with the Superintendent and a few other schools combined click here.

The Radio Broadcast:

You can listen to the broadcast of their show on the air anywhere you have internet-  from your computer, smart phone, or tablets. This school’s radio show 1st broadcast will be  May 21st and June 4th, 2016:   This show will be rebroadcasted again Aug. 20 and Sept. 3rd, 2016. Follow us on Facebook to watch for future broadcasts to confirm the dates.

Saturdays 11:00 am – 12:00 noon.  Watch for announcements at the school or on our Facebook  

 Capture of radio station KCRD

KCRD 98.3 FM
Aquinas Communications Radio Network
An affiliate of EWTN and Relevant Radio – a Global Catholic Radio Network
Click here for Live streaming kcrd-fm.org
Dubuque, IowaCapture of Relevant Radio and EWTN


The show will also occasionally be played at:

Sundays 9 – 10 a.m.     (The school featured may vary each week based on what the station sets up)

WONC- FM 89.1
Click here for Live streaming

North Central College
Naperville, IL

St. Bridget Catholic School follow the 5 B’s of St. Bridget:

1st Eucharist at St. Bridget Catholic SchoolBe Caring

Be Fair

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Trustworthy



St Bridgets Loves Park, IL

The Spring Concert at St. Bridget Catholic School in Loves Park, IL

Priests at St. Bridgets with father

Pictured here is:

Fr. DiTomo, Associate Pastor, a father at the school, Father Kromke and Pastor Deutsch, all are involved at the school

St. Bridget’s Angel Garden


8th grade Students are celebrating with their buddies during an End-of-the-Year party!

A big thank you to Mary Toldo, Principal for arranging for the show and helping with the marketing.  We appreciate all the guests on the show.  You all shared such wonderful stories and gave witness to the great things going on at your school.

To learn more about financial help to afford Catholic education click here.  This radio show and podcast is sponsored and hosted by:


screen shot Capture of Bill McNamee ad MSI

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Click here for Linkedin articles written by Bill McNamee about his impressions of a few schools while he hosted their radio show.   You can learn more about his professional background and mortgage business and view the testimonials.   Visit www.CatholicHome.net   Bill can save you money so Catholic school will be more attainable.  

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