css-and-cnsWe are excited to bring you a distinguished and talented Catholic composer, liturgist, arranger and performer on our show.  Jaime Cortez and his three sons attended Catholic elementary school and high school. He is a wonderful father and a devoted husband to Kari, his wife of 23 years.  Jaime has an interesting background.  He was born in New York and raised in El Salvador and Arizona.  Jaime has dedicated a portion of his ministry to promoting better Hispanic liturgies and bringing cultures together for worship.  We are honored to have him as our guest on our show.

The Radio show

The first radio broadcast of the show will be Nov. 12 & 13th, 2016 and the podcast will be coming soon to this blog post.  See our radio station page for more information on our broadcast times.  Like our Facebook page to find out the next broadcast dates.  See our first announcement for this show on facebook for you to share.
The next broadcasts are planned for:
2016: Dec. 10/11th, Dec. 17/18, Dec. 31/Jan 1st,
2017:  Jan. 14/15, Feb. 18/19th, April 22/23rd and May 27/28th.   Check back for any changes or more dates. We pray this reaches many people.  We need the message of unity and peace that this show brings especially now with what is going on in our country.  Let’s stay hopeful and receive God’s grace as we move forward as a United states, celebrating our diversity and finding ways to build on our common humanity together. May God bless us all when we pray and follow Him.

The Podcast

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Jaime has published around 100 songs for the Church.  He publishes them in English, Spanish and in bilingual form. The songs are published by OCP Publications in Portland, OR which is short for Oregon Catholic Press and more information can be found at  www.ocp.org  Most of his music is available for purchase in iTunes and can be heard on Spotify. Some concerts are on YouTube.
14362493_10154544906884321_3022998953335691237_oJaime with  his warm personality has won the hearts of many people during his travels. Jaime travels all over the country as a clinician for OCP.  He often comes to Chicago to do workshops. Jaime performs about 20 concerts a year. He has 6 CD’s plus other music on compilations from OCP.   Some these songs are, “El Señor Nos Invita, Quiero Responder Que Si, No Greater Love  which are compilations for liturgical music such as, for children choirs, Quinceañeras, and Holy Week.  His main instrument is guitar, though he is proficient in piano and other string instruments, such as charangovihuela and bass guitar. He holds a bachelor’s degree in music composition from Arizona State University.   He recently was named Pastoral Musician of the Year in 2016 by the National Association of Pastoral Musicians.    Click here for Jaime’s humorous & inspiring acceptance speech on Youtube.  

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Jaime publishes all his songs in English, Spanish and in bilingual form. The songs are published by OCP Publications in Portland, Oregon which is short for Oregon Catholic Press. More information can be found at  www.ocp.org   

Here is a sample of Jaime’s blog.

Arrival of Pope at White House

The ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House at which the Pope Benedict XVI was formally received in 2008.

Jaime Cortez’s song Ven Espíritu Santo was selected as the song for Preparation of Gifts at the Papal Mass in Washington D.C. when Pope Benedict XVI came to visit.   White House photo by Joyce N. Boghosian

Mr. Cortez is a parish Music Director at Holy Cross Catholic church in Mesa, AZ and his family participates in music ministry for the 4:00 pm Sunday mass.

15032809_1178206572265416_6383148572426557736_n Here is Jaime’s facebook page.  Here is Jaime’s son new Benjamin’s facebook page which features some of his new music.



Students from Seton Preparatory High School in Chandler, AZ, the only Catholic high school in the East Valley area of the metropolitan of Phoenix.

The high school that Jaime and his sons attended is Seton Catholic Preparatory High School, Chandler, Arizona.  This school was awarded honorable mention in the Cardinal Newman Society  list of the 2010 Schools of Excellence Honor Roll (top 50) in the nation. We have interviewed a director from the Cardinal Newman Society recently and we have a radio show and podcast with them.  Click here to find that podcast.


Contact Seton Catholic Preparatory school if you are interested in learning more. Click here for their website. Please mention you heard the podcast.


Queen of Peace Catholic School in Mesa, AZ

Contact Queen of Peace Catholic School in Mesa, AZ  Click here for their website

141 N. Macdonald St. Mesa, AZ 85201
Phone: (480)969-0226 

This is where the Cortez brothers attended school. Please mention you heard the podcast.1238349_506489086100464_290986816_n

Click here for several articles written about Jaime Cortez and the projects he is involved in in the The Catholic Sun publication.

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