Resources for Parents to help afford Catholic school

Parents are usually asking themselves: “How can I afford this for my children?”

While listening to our podcasts, you will hear about financial programs that each school offers which is unique to their community.  Check with the Principal at the school you are interested in to find out more about the current resources available for you.  The podcasts contain stories from parents in real life situations that you can relate with in order to get new ideas and encouragement.

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Resources in Illinois

We have a wide variety of schools featured on our show mostly from these 3 Diocese. Take a look at our list to find financial information to learn more.

Read below (under National resources)  for the information about Bill McNamee, the host of our show.  He helps families with the practical side of affording Catholic school.

Many are not aware that in the Joliet Diocese in 2014-2015 they have had an estimate of $2,068,000 scholarships distributed to 1,459 students.   They have had a total of scholarships and grants for this same year of $1,978,410!   Click here to learn more.   Take a look at all the wonderful things the The Catholic Education Foundation is doing and find their facebook page.  They are connected with the Joliet Archdiocese in Joliet, IL.

The Archdiocese of Chicago has many resources.  Click here to learn more about the “TO TEACH WHO CHRIST IS” Campaign.

  •  $150 million for Scholarships
    “The Archdiocese of Chicago’s Catholic schools have educated
    and formed generations of Catholic children in our faith. Today,
    more than 82,000 students attend 240 Catholic schools
    across the city of Chicago, and in Cook and Lake counties. To
    ensure generations to come may also receive the benefit of a
    Catholic education, $150 million in campaign funds is being
    directed to the Catholic Education Scholarship Trust.” – from the To Teach Who Christ is summary pdf

Resources and information from the Rockford Diocese can be found by contacting them at  815.399.4300 to find out about their current resources. Some schools have a Fair Ability to Pay program and they are featured on our show.  We have a show featuring the Rockford Diocese and one of the guests is the Superintendent of schools.  Click here to find this podcast.

National Resources:

  • Here is a great source for those concerned with Catholic Education:

Click here for The Cardinal Newman Society.  We are proud to have the Director of K-12 from this organization as a guest on our show.  Click here for the podcast on our website.   Check out their resources page by clicking here.  Here is an article they wrote that includes our podcast we produced with them.  If you contact them, please mention we referred you.

  • A guest on one of our shows, Tom Adamsen,  is a VP of the Catholic Order of Foresters.  Click here for their website.   Call Toll-free 800-552-0145.  Ask for Tom and mention you heard the podcast.  He explains about programs they offer to help families and scholarship information.  Click here for our podcast where you can hear him speak.  

  • Here is a resource we recently discovered.  Catholic elementary school alumni across the country have joined together to support and invest in one of the leading primary education tools available – Catholic elementary schools. The Catholic Alumni Partnership has reached:- 470 elementary schools within 12 Archdioceses/Dioceses across 7 states
    – More than 1 million elementary school graduates and growing!

    Join peers across the country in connecting with former classmates and schools to keep catholic education thriving:

  • Our host, Bill McNamee, Loan Officer and VP of MSI has helped thousands of families save money so that they can more easily afford Catholic School for their children. He can help you consolidate your debts, lower your interest rate and monthly payments so that Catholic school can be more affordable for you and your family. He can also help you finance the purchase of a new home. If you want to do business with someone you shares your values, contact Bill.   Bill serves as a 3rd degree Knight of Columbus for the Catholic church.  Read more about his story here and find out why he started this radio show and podcast website.  You can find testimonials from other customers on his Linkedin page.

“Bill is a pleasure to work with. He has gone over and above my expectations and has helped me secure/refinance three loans. He quickly and accurately responded to all of my questions, which made the process very easy. I will be using Bill again.” Aaron

screen shot Capture of Bill McNamee ad MSI

Notes from Bill, our host:

As we all know Catholic school is not free and requires families to make a sacrifice in order to provide your children with the best educational and spiritual learning experience.  Some of you are struggling to make it all happen and don’t know if you will be able to keep it on track from year to year.

For those of you who don’t think you can afford to send your kids to Catholic school, please pay close attention because this is where we can help you make it happen.

First, if your school’s tuition cannot fit your current budget check with your school’s Principal to see if you are eligible for tuition assistance.

Secondly, consider your overall financial picture, including your savings, monthly expenses and total debt. For most people, their housing cost is their largest monthly expense.  This is also an area where many people can save a considerable amount of money by refinancing to a lower rate.  If you can combine that with debt consolidation, you may be able to save considerably more.

I would like to share a FREE SmartPhone Mortgage App with you. Available on Android and iPhone, you can install it by tapping the following link from your phone:

Mortgage App Click here

I am Vice President at MSI, a wholly owned subsidiary of First State Bank, member FDIC NMLS #172606 Equal Housing Lender.  I can help you with many of your mortgage questions.  Together we can formulate a plan to help you reach your financial goals and make Catholic school a real and viable option for your family.  If you have any questions or would like more information, please call me at 630-776-6706 or visit .  My financial services are available in most states in the U.S.

Besides looking at tuition assistance and considering your overall financial picture, there are other factors that can come into play when determining how you can afford and continue to send your kids to Catholic school.Many of you are driving more than 5 miles each day to bring your kids to school.  If you moved closer to school you would save money on gas, wear and tear on your car, and time.  Relocating can also allow you to reduce your monthly expenses by lowering your mortgage and in many cases your debts, thus making Catholic school more affordable.   If you have any questions or would like more information on this approach please call me at 630-776-6706 or visit .

On our radio show and on this website we will share with you many other money-saving ideas and strategies that other parents use to help them make Catholic school possible for their children.

Below are some of those:

Buying previously owned items is a great way to save money.  Garage sales, estate sales and Craigslist are great ways to find those items.  Many times you can get them for 10% or less of the original price.

Estate sales is a great site to look for estate sales.  They usually happen on Fridays and Saturdays.  Saturday most of them offer 50% off sometimes 75% off.  This is on top of a secondhand prices to begin with.  This is when you can really get some great deals.  Many valuable and useful items can be purchased at these sales.  I buy light bulbs for pennies.  High end designer clothing can be had for $1-4 an item in like new condition.  I have an entire wardrobe that I have put together this way.  I keep friends and relatives sizes with me and pick things up for them when I come across items I know they would like.  Friends and relatives give me a list of things they need because they know I come across things all the time. Many times you can get an item that is higher quality than you would have bought if you had to pay full price for it at the store.

Taking advantage of garage sales and estate sales requires a little focus and discipline. I try to stop at them when I pass them and have extra time.  I look them up to see which ones are both near me or near the path I will be taking that day and go to the ones that have pictures of items of things I can use.

Imagine if you start to get most of the items you need for 90% off of the normal cost and in some cases for free?  This is life changing!


Many times you can get items for free.   Craigslist has a free section: .  People put things at the curb that they are getting rid of.  The important thing here is to not let pride (which is a sin  by the way) to prevent you from taking those items.  I recently got 2 speakers from a free Craigslist post that are worth over $350.  I love speakers and these are great speakers I plan to keep for my basement theater sound system.  You can also pick up items for free and sell them on Craigslist along with other items you have that you no longer need and then use the money to send your kids to Catholic school.  A person could make $500 per month or more from selling things on Craigslist.


Buy a used car instead of a new car.  Everyone likes to drive a new car but are you letting that keep you from sending your child to catholic school?  New car payments typically range from $300 to $600 per month.  If you can reduce or eliminate this expense it can make it possible to send your child to Catholic school.

This is a strategy I use.  I usually buy a car that is a few years old that has less than 75,000 miles on it.  I pick a model that is rated highly and then I use craigslist and look to buy from a private owner.  After find the right car I will buy it and drive until 200,000 plus miles.  I pay cash and never have a car payment.  I have had great success with this approach. Having a good trustworthy mechanic is helpful, however, I have not had more than regular maintenance expenses.

Please share with us your money-saving ideas and strategies.

Bend down to pick up that penny.  If not for yourself then give it to charity.

If you have unwanted items of value you would like to donate to our cause we would like to hear from you.

Each week we feature schools and the parents share how they are helping to afford the schools their children have enrolled in.  Listen in for more tips or check out our posts on Facebook.  Follow us on our website and facebook to learn more.

Bill McNamee



Click here for Linkedin articles written by Bill McNamee about his impressions of some of the schools while he hosted their radio show.  You can read his testimonials and learn more about his professional background and mortgage business there.  Visit

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We plan to continue to add more resources and news here to help you afford Catholic school.

Please read Bill’s strategies and don’t forget to add your own tips! We want to help parents and grandparents.  Just scroll down to the bottom of this page to find a place to add your COMMENTS!   Let’s start a dialogue about this crucial part about educating our children.  Let’s talk about some different strategies you can use to reach your goals. We welcome any ideas and suggestions you might have and will be happy to share them here also.  We would love to hear from you!

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