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Be our Guest!

Principals, Pastors, parents, alumni and students can be Guests on our show

At this time we are not producing more new shows. The following information is valuable for schools who may be interested in learning more about how recording a podcast could benefit their school and be a part of their marketing plans.   This was the process we developed to help the schools.  Our shows were recorded from Dec. 2014 – Nov. 2017.

Short on time to promote your school?   Podcasts on your website are a way to reach more people.

Are you a graduate of a Catholic School and have a story, resources or talents you’d like to share?

We help you through the step by step process:

  • Conveniently recorded at your school!
  • At no cost, since it’s sponsored!
  • Your Podcast is available 24/7 on our website.  
  • Connect with us on Facebook  to benefit your marketing efforts on your Facebook page!   Schools are reporting the posts about the show are bringing in the highest amount of views of any of their posts as a result of our marketing partnership.     
  • We provide a radio show, podcast, 30 sec. commercial, and a One Minute Audio message for you to use as tools for your marketing.

While there is nothing better than person to person exchange to gain more students, the use of podcasts can be beneficial in many ways.  In order to help save the school staff and the Principal time, the podcast conversations can help you, since prospective families can listen to it at their convenience while they are in between your open house, shadow activities or waiting to meet with you.  The podcast is a way to duplicate your contact with hundreds of people while you go about your usual responsibilities at the school.  The podcast is easy for people to play at their convenience and the format of the show allows enough time to go into in-depth discussions in order to address the interests of parents.  There are so many possibilities!   Bill McNamee is generously sponsoring the show at no cost to the schools.  This service we provide is a $5,000 market value.   What an awesome opportunity!

 Your school name and logo will be displayed.  Here is an example of the live streaming bar that this station presents on their website each Saturday at 9:00 am:


Bill has experience as a talk show host.  He has an ability to bring out the best in each person he interviews for the show.  Our show includes guests from a wide variety of age groups, such as kindergartners or retired school teachers, and includes a diverse group of communities.

Our radio show and podcast is gaining the attention of thousands of people and is growing. Having the podcast for your school provides all kinds of possibilities since you will reach a broad audience through the internet.  Bill has also run commercials periodically on Relevant Radio in Chicago.

Our mission is simple:

  • help more families choose Catholic school for their children
  • share information on affordability
  • share the benefits of being a part of a Catholic school community
  • your school will be recognized for excellence on our show

New Guests

Once you agree to be on our show, to prepare, you will be given a Q&A information packet for your recording day and a Marketing Guide.  These are both customized and intend to make the most of the experience.  Please contact Genevieve Cano, Producer to be sure you receive this important information.  Once you know the steps it will make it more simple and fun!

TESTIMONIALS- If you’d like to view more testimonials click here.

“It was great working with Genevieve and Bill for this podcast, which helped our school and parish appreciate and publicize what a great thing we have. Thanks for making this happen, and may God bless you in your work!” – Fr. Tim Monahan, Associate Pastor at Mary, Seat of Wisdom Parish in Park Ridge, IL

“Thank you Bill & Genevieve!  I am so impressed with the show and all of the schools you have featured… You truly are making a positive impact on Catholic education. Thank you for everything!” – Mr. Christopher Tiritilli, Principal of Holy Family Catholic School in Bensenville, IL 

“A great BIG thank you to Bill and Gen at Catholic School Spirit Show! We had an absolutely fabulous experience working with both of them! We are so thankful for the time and energy they took to get to know the people of Sacred Heart and promote our school, as well as Catholic education in general.” – Kristen Fink, Principal of Sacred Heart, Winnetka IL

“What a wonderful group of people to work with! Bill McNamee and the folks at Catholic School Spirit Radio were amazing to work with, and we are absolutely thrilled with the resulting show featuring our school, and the exciting buzz it has created. Thank you for the vision and direction throughout the whole process!” – Mindi Craddock, Director of Marketing for Sacred Heart School, Winnetka, IL

“What a great school!! I need to go out there and get a tour. I think this school would be perfect for my son.” – Kathy, a parent who commented on the website after listening to the podcast

“Thank you so much to Bill McNamee and Genevieve Cano for their amazing work on the Catholic School Spirit Show! It is so important to share the good news of the wonderful things happening in our Catholic schools, and to share the message that Catholic education is an investment in your child’s future.  We had a wonderful time welcoming Bill to Rosary, and appreciated his insightful interview questions. Our parents, students and alumnae really tell the Rosary story. Our Ensemble choir sang for the show, and we even had a mothers vs, daughters game show with questions provided by Rosary teachers.  Listen to our podcasts and learn how Rosary graduates are empowered to achieve and succeed.” – Vicki S. Danklefsen, Director of Communications and parent, Rosary High School in Aurora, IL

Our Director and host, Bill McNamee, attended Catholic grade school and high school and is passionate about helping families send their children to Catholic school. Click here to read his personal story.   Bill McNamee is in the business of helping people save money on their mortgage and other debts so that they can more easily afford a Catholic education for their children. Since January of 2015, over 40 schools have recorded the show and we have had over 8,000 visitors to our website.  We are growing steadily each day. We now average 400 plays of the shows per month from our podcasts. The show is conveniently recorded at your school in the Chicagoland, Joliet and Rockford areas. Your school has a great story that needs to be heard!  When we have special guests on our show, the recording will be customized based on the guests location.

OLP_29090a Mrs Irene Murray (1) red pix for web


Although we can customize the show for you, here is the format we usually follow:

The Principal & Pastor
The school’s principal and pastor will give their insight about their school. They will talk about their schools uniqueness and achievements.  The Principal and Pastor will share their philosophy of education while providing a caring, nurturing environment.  They will share information about opportunities to make it affordable.

In between segments we will have students school telling what attending their school means to them.

Parents, Students and Graduates
Parents, Students and graduates from the featured school share with us their unique perspective.  We ask them about ways they have found to afford Catholic school.


Parents and students from Sacred Heart in Winnetka participating in the lively and fun game show.

The Game Show called “Are You Smarter Than A Catholic School Student?”

This segment has a competition between parents and students using the TV game show approach called “Are you Smarter Than a 5th Grader?” .   This is meant to be a fun and lighthearted activity.  Typically, the game show is recorded with a small group as seen in the photo above.  Don’t worry, no large assembly is needed!   

Another option is to have the students have a live musical performance or give us a sound recording. For examples, listen to the shows for Rosary High School or the Holy Family school in Rockford.

Any other ideas that show how your school shines?   Let us know! reduced pixels for web

This is the students, Principal and priest who were guests on our show from St. Andrews the Apostle in Romeoville, IL

Catholic Living
We will talk about opportunities to live closer to our featured school.   Homes for sale near the featured school will be discussed. This segment may include a Realtor with listings near your school.

Affording Catholic School
We talk about how we can help our listeners afford a catholic education.  Actively managing your debts and expenses as well as sharing money saving ideas and strategies that other families use to help them afford Catholic school for their children.  We may have a parent from the school who is a Financial Planner add to the conversation.  Click here for Bill’s resources for helping families affording the tuition as a family.

Anyone who participates in the recording of our show must sign our Talent Release Form which we will email to you.

Any questions?  If you are interested to learn more about our future plans or projects, please contact me.

Producer, Website and Marketing 


 We respect your privacy.  See our privacy policy here.

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