Personal Story of the Host

Here is the personal story of our Host and Director of Operations Bill McNamee and his experience with Catholic school:

I attended St. Hubert Catholic school in Hoffman Estates 3rd through 8th grade.  They did a great job educating me and teaching me what it means to be a Catholic.  There was true sense of community.  You could tell the teachers genuinely cared about you.  They did a great job preparing me academically for high school.  I am one of seven children.  I was fortunate that my father was able to afford Catholic grade school for all of us.  Catholic high school for all seven of us would have broken the bank.

Public high school was an eye opening experience for me.  Right from the beginning I could tell that I was not very important to anyone at a school with a 3,000 plus student body.  There were jocks and nerds and freaks.  Freshman hazing was fairly rampant.  Upperclassmen would regularly knock your books out of your arms.  Bullying went unchecked.  Students acted completely inappropriately in the hallways between classes.

I felt like a number.  I did not matter much here.  It was quite obvious.  Catholic values were nowhere to be seen.  Kids did rotten things to each other daily.  Fights were a regular occurrence. Students would gather around and cheer them on.  Every student had to deal with fear on a daily basis.  Imagine trying to learn in this environment not to mention the impact it had on all that attended.  What would these students be like after 4 years of this?  I was like a fish out of water.  This environment was alien to me.  Some of my friends from Catholic grade school who were now in public high school were falling in with the wrong crowd.  I was being pulled in that direction.  Fortunately for me, my parents could see what was happening and decided public school was not for me.

My Sophomore year my parents enrolled me at St. Viator High School in Arlington Heights.  I could not believe the warm welcome I received.  It was like coming home.  I could instantly tell that I mattered here.  People cared about me.  I felt loved and cherished. The hostile environment I had come from did not exist here.  The academics were certainly better here, however, just getting to a positive more supportive environment where values were taught AND expected were far more important to me.  The difference was night and day.  I loved coming to school.  I shudder to think how I might have turned out if I had to stay in the public school system.

Because of this I am a true believer in the Catholic school system.   I would like to help as many families send their children to Catholic school as possible.   That is the mission of the Catholic School Spirit Show.  Through the show we will bring greater awareness of the benefits of Catholic schools as well as help families afford them.

-Bill McNamee

Bill McNamee, our host, attended St Hubert grade school in Schaumburg, IL and St Viator High School in Arlington Heights, IL. A few years back he created and hosted a radio show called “My Kind Of Town”. Currently Bill has created this Catholic school radio show based on his personal story.  He hopes to reach out to many families seeking more information about Catholic school choices and affordability.

 Knights of ColumbusBill also serves as a 3rd degree Knight of of Columbus.  

Bill hopes to help parents save money through his business.  He can help them consolidate their loans and provide the best interest he can on any mortgages for those looking to move closer to a school.  When parents are looking for any Catholic school and need help with a mortgage, please give Bill a call at 1-630-776-6706.


Click here for Linkedin articles written by Bill McNamee about his impressions of some of the schools while he hosted their radio show.  You can learn more about his professional background and mortgage business there.  You can also learn more about his business at

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